Phone: 703-525-3069 | Fax: 703-525-3850 | Hours: Mon - Fri: 7am - 3pmAddress: 1635 N. George Mason Dr., Suite 220, Arlington , VA 22205

Phone: 703-525-3069 | Fax: 703-525-3850 | Hours: Mon - Fri: 7am - 3pmAddress: 1635 N. George Mason Dr., Suite 220, Arlington , VA 22205

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About Us

Arthritis Clinic of Northern Virginia, P.C., is amongst the oldest Rheumatology practices in the Virginia area. We have served this community since 1960s. Our doctors and staff have years of experience in medical field. We are keenly aware of the needs of our patients and strive to deliver compassionate, evidence-based care to our patients throughout their journey from disease onset to remission. Our office is located in Virginia Hospital Center with easy access for patients from DMV area and we have Laboratory and Radiology services available with in the building. 

Meet Your Doctors

Dr. Saira Bilal

Dr. Phillip W. Kempf


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1635 N. George Mason Drive
Suite 220
Arlington , VA 22205 
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Monday - Friday: 7AM - 3PM



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Patient Testimonials

S. T.

Dear Dr. Bilal - you’re an amazing human! Truly. Thank you for choosing the path of medicine. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and do for others. And for being a strong, clear, and determined woman. I’m proud to know you and have the utmost respect for you. I just wanted you to know.


G. H.

Dr. Bilal is very caring and takes the time to listen. She knows her patients and history!


L. N.

I have had only good experiences with Dr. Bilal who has provided care for me for several years. She is very personable, and always gives me her full attention and explains my treatment options thoroughly. She responds to my messages promptly. I'm lucky to have her on my team!


J. R.

Dr. Bilal is one of the most dedicated, caring and thorough doctors I’ve ever had. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


M. T. 

Always outstanding visits w/ Dr. Bilal! I couldn't ask for a better physician to help me through this challenging disease process. Would recommend her without hesitation.


A. Z.

It went well. Dr. Bilal was very friendly. They talked me through the various treatment options. I felt comfortable asking questions.


J. J.

Always pleased with my visits. Dr. Bilal is both friendly and very professional.


R. T.

Helpful. All staff was kind.


P. B.

Very professional, truly happy.


C. T.

I met Dr. Kempf in 2008 when I had my first bout with my autoimmune disease. Forget the horrendous pain, (how could I), but I couldn’t work my hands or walk properly either. I was 58 years old and scared that this was how I was going to exist for the rest of my life. That was 11 years ago. I almost did back flips over how soon Dr. Kempf's treatments had me back to my old self. I’ve had a couple more bouts since then which needed adjusting treatments, but under Dr. Kempf’s care I’m here to shout out loud that I’m playing sports 4x’s a week and living life very nicely.


R. C.

I have been treated by Dr. Kempf for over 10 years. He is always receptive and interested, and the staff has been very easy to work with.


Z. S.

Dr. Kempf has been a wonderful doctor for me. He takes his time to ask questions doesn't rush through my appointment and seems to really care about my pain level and solutions. He reviews my file before very visit and doesn't rush in and out.


S. R.

I have a rare nerve disorder (CRPS). I went through 10+ doctors over the course of 6 years trying to figure out what was wrong. Very few of the specialists ever listened to all of my history. Dr. Kempf listened to me and then finally diagnosed my disorder and gave me a treatment plan.